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The 2016 National Conference for America’s Children

Monday, October 17, 2016 - Thursday, October 20, 2016
Cincinnati, OH
Sponsoring Agency: 
Prevent Child Abuse America

Charleston Child Trauma Conference

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 - Friday, October 21, 2016
Francis Marion Hotel Historic Downtown Charleston, SC
Sponsoring Agency: 
The Dee Norton Lowcountry Children's Center

The field of child abuse and trauma has progressed rapidly and impressively over the past 25 years. We aim for this conference to be a venue for rapid dissemination of cutting-edge, evidence-based practices to front-line professionals, and a place where those doing the work can inform ongoing research. In this vein, this conference is designed both for new professionals in the field and veterans with experience to share. As work with child trauma survivors is multidisciplinary, so is this conference – we welcome social workers, counselors, psychologists, physicians, nurses, attorneys, law enforcement and
victim service providers. Thank you for your dedication to working to improve the lives of child victims of abuse and trauma – we hope you will glean information that inspires you and is easily applied to improve your work.

The overarching goal of the Charleston Child Trauma Conference is to deepen professionals’ knowledge in the area of child trauma and traumatic stress, with an emphasis on bridging research and practice. Critical subgoals include 1) advancing knowledge of current research on the incidence and prevalence of trauma exposure, 2) increasing understanding of the most current research on the etiology of trauma-related disorders, 3) advancing knowledge in evidence-based treatments for children and caregivers who have experienced traumatic events, and 4) strengthening knowledge of the aforementioned areas with respect to underserved and diverse groups. In doing so, we aim to heighten professionals’ understanding of the most current research, with an
emphasis on how this can be applied in clinical practice.

Upon completion of this conference, participants should be able to:
• Utilize current research in the provision of services to victims of child maltreatment and child trauma
• Make appropriate referrals to treatment for children who have experienced trauma and traumatic stress
• Describe key components of evidence-based mental health treatments
• Discuss and implement multidisciplinary approaches to supporting victims of child trauma and their families