Information & Resources Manager

Information & Resources Manager

Information and Resources Manager

New York, NY

The position will manage information required for leadership and oversight of clinical services at JBFCS, provide direct support to the Director of Clinical and Medical Services, and provide support to the Training Department.

RESPONSIBILITIES include but are not limited to:
1) Management of information in written, electronic, internet, and data formats
• Manage Mary & Louis Robinson Library & Archive
• Manage library materials (books, DVDs, tapes, internet resources, journals) and make them accessible to agency personnel
• Manage relevant databases and archive system
• Manage JB Online Learning Program
• Manage evaluations of new projects and on-going training
2) Creation of information and training packages
• Review emerging issues in public practice clinical literature for JBFCS populations and provide summary updates to director and other senior leadership
• Work with MKSEI team to create educational packages
• Investigate new areas of training and identify resource material
• Work with MKSEI team to create training evaluation packages
3) Provision of administrative support for Includes calendaring, correspondence and other duties as required

Director of Clinical and Medical Services and his/her delegates
4) Provision of support for agency staff in ongoing learning, treatment, and administrative activities
• Interface with the learning community by following up on post-training questions, identifying resources, performing literature searches
• Investigate and identify potential funding activities
• Gather information in preparation for audits, resource directories and related activities
• Organize data for use in program enhancement
4) Additional responsibilities as needed


Experience in managing information in a library, healthcare research project or equivalent setting. Experience with all of the components of Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Access, Excel), and at least one other database or statistics package such as SPSS. Excellent communication (written and aural) skills. Experience in not-for-profit environment, with a preference for a health, mental health or social services setting. Bachelors Degree required; advanced degree preferred.


Please apply for this position online at the following link:

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