Rady Children's Hospital, San Diego, The Chadwick Trauma-Informed Systems Dissemination and Implementation Project

Funding Period: 
[2012 - 2016, 2010 - 2013, 2005 - 2009 and 2002 - 2005]

The Chadwick Trauma-Informed Systems Dissemination and Implementation Project (CTISP-DI) will be created by the Chadwick Center for Children and Families and the Child and Adolescent Services Research Center (CASRC) to meet the needs of child abuse victims served by Child Protective Services and Child Welfare (CW) services across the nation. The center—in cooperation with the NCCTS, other select US Treatment and Services Adaptation (TSA) Centers and Community Treatment and Services (CTS) Centers, NCTSN committees, and CW and mental health organizations providing trauma treatment nationwide—will lead the transformation of public CW agencies into trauma-informed systems. CTISP-DI will translate the Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Conceptual Framework developed by CTISP into a systems-level intervention   with multiple components including training, consultation, and ongoing support using the Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Practice Toolkit and the revised version of the Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit (also developed as part of CTISP), among other tools. The CTISP-DI Trauma-Informed Child Welfare System Intervention will be disseminated to at least six CW systems in the United States to help them become supercommunities that fully implement the intervention at a true performance level. These evolved, trauma-informed CW systems will then reach thousands of children and families, and will serve as exemplars for their states and the nation while helping to lead the movement to true trauma-informed practice. The CTISP-DI will help to change the wider community CW system into a multidimensional, evidence-based, trauma-informed system that is better able to meet the unique needs of children and families involved in the CW system.

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San Diego, CA
Charles Wilson
(858) 966-5814
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