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The Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Practice Toolkit contains multiple resources to assist the child welfare and mental health workforce in creating a more trauma-informed child welfare system offers the following resources:

"Mobilizing Trauma Resources for Children" is a chapter in the Johnson & Johnson Pediatric Institute report Interventions for Children Exposed to Violence. It was written by William W. Harris, who was instrumental in the creation of the NCTSN, and NCTSN members Frank W. Putnam and John A. Fairbank.

This presentation was delivered by William W. Harris and NCTSN member Frank W. Putnam at the Network's 2008 annual meeting. It outlines a narrative that the authors are developing to inform policy makers and the public about the costs of child maltreatment. The presentation is a "draft" meaning you are invited to adapt or expand on this narrative for your own purposes.

Sometimes Youth Just Want to Be Heard! (PDF) and Youth Speak! (PDF) are two booklets that grew out of the participation of youth trauma survivors in an NCTSN meeting on youth and family engagement. In Youth Speak! young people use words and pictures to communicate their experience accessing treatment, working with therapists, and dealing with stigma. Sometimes Youth Just Want to Be Heard!

This technical assistance bulletin highlights crucial facts that juvenile court judges should know so that they can best meet the needs of traumatized children who come the court system. A collaboration between the NCTSN and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, this publication was funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

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