Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughter, Increasing VA's Evidence-Supported Treatments for Children Project

Funding Period: 
[2012 - 2016]

The INcreasing Virginia's Evidence-Supported Treatments (INVEST) for Children Project—headquartered at the Child Abuse Program—will increase access to evidence-based, trauma-informed services for child victims of maltreatment residing in Hampton Roads. The project will reduce the negative consequences of this maltreatment by: 1) training community professionals to conduct trauma-informed screening and referral procedures; and 2) training clinicians to deliver three trauma-informed, evidence-based treatments (including two treatments that are not currently available in the region), with attention to the cultural and linguistic needs of families. INVEST will create a trauma-informed network of professionals throughout southeastern Virginia, which has a 20 percent military population and 10 military installations including the largest naval base in the world. A total of 440 professionals (including 141 military professionals) will be trained in screening and referral practices; and 10 clinicians will be trained in and will deliver treatments. An expected 2,761 children and adolescents aged 2–17, including more than 1,100 military children, will receive trauma-informed screening and referral services; and 650 children/youth, including at least 130 military children/youth, will receive evidence-based, trauma-informed treatment.

City, State: 
Charleston, SC
Carole Swiecicki
(843) 723-3600
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