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Fall/Winter 2017


Our Fall/Winter 2017 issue of IMPACT features articles about a variety of new products that highlight our developmental focus as well as our emphasis on collaboration. Youth Task Force members discuss a newly-released video, Never Give Up, that offers hope for their peers who have experienced complex trauma. And another video, Remembering Trauma, produced by a group of Network researchers, dramatically illustrates the necessity of incorporating a trauma framework when treating youth. Collaborations between SAMHSA, CMS and New York State service providers have yielded a Health Home Initiative to advance treatment of complex trauma in youth, while training videos and webinars for clinicians further bolster the awareness of the developmental component of trauma. We also highlight a new guide to help educators to incorporate awareness of racial and historical trauma in their trauma-informed classrooms. Finally, we take a look at valuable grantee-Affiliate collaborations that serve to sustain our mission.

Spring 2017

Spring, 2017: 15 Year Anniversary Issue of IMPACT
In this densely packed issue of IMPACT, we survey the breadth of the Network’s accomplishments since its inception. Following an introduction by Senior Policy Advisor Ellen Gerrity, PhD, we take a look at groups and individuals featured in past newsletters and trace their progress to the present. Among those featured: the Child Sexual Abuse Committee and their multiple products, the Network’s Affiliate program, the new initiative of the Trauma-Informed Systems Collaborative Group, and a “Then and Now” comparison of the growth of the NCTSN on the Web. We also check in with Chaney Stokes, Family-Partner Coordinator at the Center for Child and Family Health in Durham, NC, and with Lisette Rivas-Hermina, MS, LMFT, who stays active as an Affiliate with the Translations Review Committee. A pictorial Road Map illustrates the Network’s growth, while Melissa Brymer, PhD, PsyD illustrates how response to Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath have helped to shape the Terrorism and Disaster Program’s outreach.

Winter 2017


How does data improve the quality of care for children who have experienced trauma? The providers and sites featured in this issue share how the Network’s data collection initiatives have helped them to interact with clients and community partners in more meaningful ways. Through the collection and analysis of data from over 19,000 children served by NCTSN centers, we now understand in greater depth how trauma impacts children and adolescents. The Core Data Set and other data and evaluation initiatives have also helped transform the delivery of care, improve staff training and raise awareness.

Spring 2016

The Spring issue of IMPACT, describes integrating behavioral health services in rural and urban Native American communities, outlines the story of healing for three survivors of child sex trafficking and how that lead to advocacy work, highlights the work of the Clifford Beers Clinic and trauma-informed integrated care, looks at the work of our wonderful Affiliate Center, Catholic Charities Hawai’I does with advancing trauma-informed care, and focuses on the intersection of trauma and disabilities in our Spotlight on Culture.

Fall/Winter 2015


In our Fall/Winter issue of IMPACT, we feature a first-person interview with Jeanne Sherman, MEd, CAGS, LMHC, whose efforts on behalf of military veterans and families in Rhode Island earned her the VFW Community Service Award in May of this year. We continue our series on the mental health needs of unaccompanied immigrant minors, and highlight two sites working with youth to reduce their traumatic stress and social isolation. Affiliate member Roy Van Tassell reports on his continuing involvement with trauma-focused cognitive behavioral treatment training and systems of care. Finally, the NCTSN Advisory Board sums up another successful collaborative annual meeting.

Spring 2015


In the Spring issue of IMPACT, Elizabeth Thompson, Director of The Family Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, reflects on her peak professional experience with the NCTSN. Also featured: the online expansion of the Resource Parent Curriculum Facilitators project, Network efforts to deliver trauma-informed care to unaccompanied immigrant minors, and partnerships with performing arts groups. Affiliate members report on Zero to Six initiatives in Tennessee and a new residential facility for youth in Texas.

Fall/Winter 2014


The Fall/Winter Edition of IMPACT describes Oklahoma’s journey in creating a trauma-informed state. This issue also showcases how one foster youth keeps making her voice count, focuses our Affiliate Corner on outstanding Centers in New York, Illinois, and Colorado, and explores racial disparities in the Juvenile Justice System in our Spotlight on Culture.

Spring 2014


The Spring Edition of IMPACT highlights creating STS-informed organizations, building bridges between child welfare and mental health agencies, and one young man’s journey through sexual exploitation to mentoring others. This issue also showcases the Core Curriculum Colleges, focuses our Affiliate Corner on an outstanding Affiliate Center in Florida, and closes our series on historical trauma by exploring the experiences of cultural groups including Holocaust survivors, Japanese American internment camp survivors, and events affect Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders.

Fall/Winter 2013


The Fall/Winter Edition of IMPACT highlights the face-to-face NCTSN Advisory Board meeting, showcases a few more of our Category III sites and the outstanding work they are doing in their centers, discusses the impact deployment has had on one Network family, delivers Part Two our STS series: building organizational capacity to prevent and address secondary traumatic stress, and focuses our Affiliate Center on one Network Member who’s come full circle with his Network ties and commitment.

Summer 2013


The Summer Edition of IMPACT showcases a few of our Category III sites and the outstanding work they are doing in their centers, Part One of our new STS series: the importance creating a secondary traumatic stress-informed organization, our Affiliate Center in Denver and their work with evidence-based training, and our Spotlight on Culture.