The NCTSN Measures Review database is a searchable database containing reviews of measures important for the field of Child Traumatic Stress. All reviews were conducted using a uniform review template to allow comparison across measures.

Our goal was to provide easy access to comprehensive clinical and research information so that a given user can determine whether a measure is appropriate for a specific individual or group, given factors such as the purpose of the assessment, age, cultural and linguistic group, and trauma type.

You enter search terms, and the database identifies those measures that meet your search criteria. In some cases authors have given permission for the full measure, including alternate language versions, to be posted. A Glossary of Terms is available to help you understand psychometric terms that appear in the reviews.

For more information regarding how the work was conducted (measure selection, template development, domain selection), please see History.

We hope that this database will serve as a useful resource for the field. Should you use the information provided, please acknowledge the work that was done by citing this resource (see Using and Citing the Reviews).