Trauma-Informed Interventions (2008)

Trauma-Informed Interventions: Clinical Research Evidence and Culture-Specific Information Project (PDF), a collaboration between the National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center at the Medical University of South Carolina and the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, was created to identify trauma-informed treatment interventions and to describe their level of cultural competency. The project was developed to assist mental health practitioners, policy makers, researchers, educators and clinicians in making treatment decisions that are based on clinical and research evidence.

The book consists of general fact sheets that detail the treatment description, target population, essential components, clinical and anecdotal evidence, research evidence, outcomes, implementation requirements and readiness, training materials and requirements, qualitative impressions, contact information and references. The general fact sheets are followed by culture-specific fact sheets that describe engagement, language issues, symptom expression, assessment, cultural adaptations, intervention delivery method, training issues and references. Additional multimedia resources for this project are available in the NCTSN Learning Center for Child and Adolescent Trauma.

The following sections comprise the book:
Introduction: Goals of the Project
Future Directions
    • General Information Intervention Template
    • Culture-Specific Information Intervention Template
    • Treatment Protocol Classification System
General and Culture-Specific Fact Sheets